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How Mohan a Mango Farmer Made More Money
How Mohan a Mango Farmer Made More Money
How Mohan a Mango Farmer Made More Money
Jun 16th, 2018 19:26 PM by Admin
Mango Farming


Mohan has a 10 acre mango plantation and so has Sohan his brother, both do high density mango farming of the same variety of mango. The average yield per acre for them varies from 9-10 tonne per acre. So as they grow the same variety and have almost similar yields the earnings for both would be the same, but that seemed to not be the case and had made sohan jealous.

"How did you earn more even though we grow the same mango?" Sohan asked his brother one evening.

"Well, it was nothing I just put in a Little extra effort" Mohan replied.

"But you almost earned 20% more than me how??" Sohan was still confused.

"Well, I just met this team from equiera a couple of days ago and they said that if I did a few things they could get me better deals for my mangoes."

"What was it that they tell you"

"If you really want to know, they told me about the three things on which price of mangoes depend upon:-
First, is the size of the fruit a bigger fruit fetches better rates, so I decided to sort my produce into 3 grades based on thier size.
Second, is the colour of the fruit itself, so I allowed the fruit to gather the required colour."

"And, what was the Third??"

"The Third is the most interesting , It was to help me able to sell to exporters I needed to get a certificate of origin and also told me how to package when transporting to have minimum damage"

"So, If I do these things can I too get a better price on my crop"

"Why not, I just did one of sorting my fruit based on size and earned 20% better did I not?"

There are thousands of Mango Farmers like Sohan who are at the expense of Local businessmen and sell thier produce just as it is while allowing the Businessman to make a healthy profit at his expense. If You know of such sohan's Then let them know that by simply sorting the fruit based on size can help them to get higher argin on thier produce.

Happy Farming from Everyone Here at Equiera.