Turbocharge Your Procurement

Best Value for Money:
eQuiera E-procurement Platform assesses the Technical, Commercial and Service aspects of Bids to support Data Backed Decision.
Predictive Procurement Analytics:
We take into consideration 100+ attributes of any bid to make E-Procurement Faster, Simpler, Better and Data Backed.
Strategic E-Procurement:
Our Machine Learning algorithm as well as our Industrial consultants identify the best solution for your requirements.
Shorten Your Procurement Cycle:
The eQuiera E-procurement platform identifies suppliers, gets quotes, analyses bids and conducts reverse auctions.

How to buy at eQuiera ?

Create an enquiry using Get quote or from dashboard

Design Auction using standard templates or customise them

Initiate purchase by click of few buttons and paying an EMD

Review results and choose the offer best suited to you

Create an enquiry using Get quote or from dashboard

Explore new markets from the comfort of your office

Access Active Buyers and Not Leads:
Most Directory Services provide sellers with potential buyers or leads which then need to be contacted to close the sale. The Equiera platform has been designed as an E-procurement and E-Selling Platform where you get access to Buyers.
Get access to new markets:
With a Platform designed to support Global Sales. You get access to a wide variety of buyers from multiple markets a small organisation sitting in Bangalore can now close sale with a Buyer in Delhi.
Save Time & Money and Invest in Products:
A Lot of time and Money nowadays is spent on building a formidable sales team, But with this approach we tend to overlook the most important aspect of a sale, The Product Itself. A research says that companies usually invest close to 8-10% of revenue is Sales, Imagine the product quality you can achieve by investing that money.
Right Value for Just Quality:
Unlike Govt. tenders or Modern Reverse auction Sites where price is the most important aspect for any sale. The Equiera Platform is designed to assess other aspects of the sale which includes various parameters of commercial, technical and service offerings.

How to sell at eQuiera ?

Browse active enquiries in the eQuiera Buy/Sell section

Register at eQuiera & promote product using "Get Quote"

Participate in auctions and promote your product features

Submit by click of few buttons & paying an EMD

Sell using Get quote or from dashboard

Refer & Earn At eQuiera

Earn Each Time Your Referral Transacts:
Unlike other referral programs where you get the benefit only the first time a referral transacts, we at Equiera will be providing referral bonus for all transactions for the Whole Year. The AHA Factor.
The More You Refer the More You Earn:
With a no limit earning limitation for referrers who register using their GST number, you get a Limitless Earning Potential. So the More you refer the More you Earn, start today.
Earnings through Referral Credited to your Account:
Unlike other referral programs where you are given not cash but kind, we Credit all your earnings into the Bank Account Linked to your Equiera ID.
Earn Upto Inr 50,000-:
At Equiera we have set a limit of 50,000 for private referrers who do not provide their GST. This has been done to be compliant with Govt. Norms, once a private referrer updates his/her GST number in the account, they can earn even beyond that.

How to refer & earn at eQuiera ?

Register your self as an individual or an organisation on eQuiera

Recommend the platform to someone for B2B purchase activity

Ask the referal to submit your code during the time of enquiry

Follow your referal purchase status via your dashboard

Earn money Every time your referal makes a purchase via us

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