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Get Quote is an automated Budgetary Quote Generator based on data provided by our registered sellers.

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Buy/Sell is a platform based service which helps in E-procurement & E-Sales of Products and Services through Forward and Reverse auctions.

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Business Solutions is a service under which we provide procurement consultation, Digital Marketing and Market Intelligence Services.

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IT Solutions consists of Platform based services of CRM, ERP and Accounting Tools.

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Buy / Sell

eQuiera Provides its Members with Auction based E-Procurement and E-Selling services, Auctions for centuries have been the best method of getting the best value in a deal. At eQuiera we have taken auctions a step further by creating custom analytics which are designed based on user preferences. The Benefits for buyers is that they get to decide based on various parameters which they usually consider in offline decision making such as Serviceability, Delivery terms, commercial terms and so forth. The Benefits for sellers is that they get the ability to showcase their quality, Flexibility of terms of service and commercial terms. This supports us to take auctions to the next era which is based on overall value of the product instead of just price. The best thing about the eQuiera Platform is that its algorithm captures all this data, analyses it and presents them to you in easily understandable tables.

Get quote

The Biggest challenge for any procurement team is to get a budgetary quote from multiple vendors, eQuiera makes the process really simple in which you instantly get quotes from eQuiera’s Verified List of sellers for all registered Products/Services. In case a product or service is not registered with eQuiera is not registered on our platform, our team interacts with potential vendors and gets you the quotes from potential sellers at a small fee. Another Feature available at eQuiera platform is of getting quotes from list of vendors you will like to approach, just fill in the details of the vendors to be approached and our team will do the needful to get you the quotes from those vendors. At a small fee our team will also do the necessary vendor analysis for you to asses each vendor.

Business solution

Our team with its diverse experience consisting product design and development, System designs, procurement and sales, Marketing Intelligence, Digital marketing and so forth can support you with your various business strategic initiatives. As an Empaneled Consultant with the “Agricultural Promotion and Investment Corporation of Odisha Limited” we do have a keen focus on supporting agriculture based business with their overall development, with that respect we are building solutions to support agricultural entrepreneurs in every step of their Journey.

System Solution

Our IT solutions conceptualized as a PAAS based system is designed in a way to deliver the maximum value at the minimum cost to agriculture and food processing Industry as well as MSME manufacturing sector. The IT Solutions Platform consists of an ERP, a CRM and a Financial Tool. As a PAAS system this is designed to work using Cloud Computing technology thus reducing the cost of deployment at the user’s location. The User gets the benefit of an integrated IT platform without any severe investment except for the licensing Charges. As an integrated Business solutions Platform this will have integrated Dashboards to support the BI needs of the organization using it. As we further develop our Machine learning and Data Science Tools we will go on adding them to this Platform at no extra fee. Thus the user gets a new tool without having to pay for upgradation charges.

Defining eQuiera Procurement Ecosystem