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“ … Because we believe that opportunities to grow should be equal and unbiased for everyone… ”

“Why eQuiera Advisor, I asked my friend Sudhir, when he brought up the idea to start a company that would help its members buy Industrial equipment. His answer was simple; because I believe we can change the process of equipment buying & selling. We can make it SIMPLER, EASIER and FASTER”

Manas A Datta; Co – Founder, eQuiera Advisor

That was the challenge that got us started. A social innovation but with an opportunity for a business concept.

During our days as sales and marketing managers, we always felt that the flow of information between the sales engineer and the company is inadequate but we didn't have an answer to that. Atop that, we often went for enquiries that looked really strong but went dead over the period of time, especially with MSME companies.

Why are some companies reluctant to buy equipment, unlike their counterparts? It could be that they are sometimes uninformed about the market as its huge and everyday products keep adding up. Even if they know the equipment, the confidence of spending in it is difficult due to a slack between technology and cost of ownership. Further making a deal is difficult as when you buy one or two units, you do not expect a strong negotiation as compared to when you buy multiple units.

eQuiera Advisor business model was developed to fill the above gaps. We wanted to design a system that makes buying industrial equipment as interesting as buying yourself any other retail product. But we needed to maintain a discretion as even a small product like Pallet truck costs maybe hundred times more than a retail product. We needed someone with the expertise of the business, and who could be a better person then our ex – boss, Acharya sir who has an experience of over 35 years in the Industrial equipment sector. So we asked him, he got interested and our journey started. We designed easy to understand algorithms to help customers make easy selections and because the questions are very nontechnical, it's easy to understand. In addition, we have dedicated a section of our website to make the information flow more fluid to encourage customers to make their own decisions by understanding the product and what purpose can the product serve

Our Supplier selection takes into account the quality checks and ISO registration prior to confirmation so we could confidently advise our members who put their trust in us and practically make us responsible for their business expansion.

Our core objective is to EMPOWER our members. And if we are doing it right then we would resonate with our members. If you think you can help us create a new era, then motivate us because motivation travels farther and stronger than money does…

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