Why eQuiera?

When you have the right information, you make the right decision

"eQuiera" is a platform that helps to fill the information flow gap that exists between you and a sales engineer. Buying industrial equipment is difficult because of the price tag and feasibility of the product for your application.However, when you have the combination of right suppliers and access to the right kind of technical information, you can make a more confident and more informed decision without much additional help. And trust us,this is not rocket science

We help to amplify Efficiencies of Scale

We help you select a product by making a few clicks. Don't worry if you are getting confused making a selection. Both our Know your Equipment section and Equipment confirmation forms have been so designed that it helps you to understand all the critical and necessary information that you need to know about the product while making the decision and they are done in a very nontechnical way.

If you are still undecided, don’t worry. Our Team of expert advisor (s) and equipment specialist (s) are available round the clock to back you up. Just select a product and ask for advise from us for your specific application. We will help you select the most suitable solution for your specific application

And that’s just the beginning of our journey together. If you want to make a purchase, just confirm the equipment and we will do the rest. By rest, we mean getting multiple offers and best possible prices from our suppliers without the delay caused in the process of negotiation. However, we don’t stop here but also help you with logistic solution for your equipment via our Electronic Reverse Auction and Logistic Advice services, thereby giving you a triad solution in one go.

We Save Your Time And Money

“You can grow your business in two usual ways, either by increasing productivity or by reducing expense/ capital expenditure.

To increase productivity, you need to upgrade existing production methods by using better technologies, quality machines and manpower resources more efficiently. To reduce expense, you need to save money on the purchase of these technologies and machines.

We help you achieve both i.e. increase productivity by using quality machines and reduce expense by saving money on purchase of these machines and decreasing time and manpower resources spent in procurement.

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